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What if Doom was a platformer instead of a first person shooter? The answer is miniDoom 2, a fan game that pays homage to the Doom franchise by reimagining it as a 2d retro platformer. It takes the beloved cast of classic DOOM enemies and weapons and blends them with old school 80s and 90s games like Contra and Metal Slug resulting in a fast paced pixelated carnage fest with a killer heavy metal soundtrack.

Manual with the important moves, items and secrets: http://calavera.studio/en/games/minidoom2/manual/


  • 17 new levels and 2 new bosses for hours of fun (and frustration).
  • 14 weapons spanning all Doom games and additional secret weapons.
  • 40+ minutes of face-melting metal and spine-shivering ambient music, plus renditions of the classic “At Doom’s Gate” theme.
  • Secrets, upgrades and mysterious artifacts to discover and unlock.
  • Smooth and responsive controls that will make your skills the most important weapon to defeat the legions of hell.
  • Colorful, funny and bloody artwork inspired on 80s and 90s games.
  • 5 levels of difficulty and 4 game modes to fit every gamer, from the inexperienced rookie to the demon slaying hardcore gamer that has walked the planes for a million years.

FAQ and known issues: MiniDoom FAQ

Website: www.calavera.studio

Install instructions

Unzip all files on the ZIP into a new folder and run MiniDoom2 v3.1.0.exe


miniDoom2 v3-1.zip 100 MB
miniDoom 2 v3.1 Mac.zip 99 MB

Development log


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i want to report a glitch in the last lever before you enter the hell the last mars level argent tower the plasma gun the galuss cannon i cant use that gun help

really fun game to play but i recommed a controller or something because the keyboard control scheme is really hard to remeber and you end up dying alot because your pressing the wrong keys but other than that, amazing music and level design

You can always remap the keyboard buttons in the options menu.


best fangame doom ever


(Gameplay below buuuut first a mini review)

I really have to say, I wasn’t expecting such a game as this. I thought it would be overly difficult to play this and I wouldn’t have any fun but boy was I wrong.

The level design and the music is fantastic and fits well with DOOM as well as the graphics. Really well done game!


"God..." I can't believe I found this game while I was thinking about DOOM. To think I didn't download it long time ago! Where the "hell" was I then, in "limbo?" Any way this "bloody" game is super FUN and really addictive!

(However when I playing it and want to go to the start screen it say RESET and I don't know if it's means reseting the whole save file or if it's acsally just goes to the star screen.)

Thanks for the feedback! I'll see about changing that menu.


This was such a fun game to play. This should be an official title it's that good. This was one of the games that I played during the Albsterz Indie Hour. The soundtrack was awesome got the blood going


Do you mind releasing OST, because you guys made some bangers!

Of course! Its available right here on itch https://manuelsoruco.itch.io/minidoom-2-soundtrack

Ayyy, Doomguy bless you! 🙏🙏🙏

Hello, what's the location of the save files?
I downloaded it on my PC and now wanna move to my laptop. However, my progress isn't there.

Very great game, btw! I'm really enjoying it :D

The default app data for your computer. It usually is: "C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local"

I have a problem w the audio. I cant lisent the audio of the game.

Help please :S

It could be a problem with the file location, this should help: http://calavera.studio/en/faq/

I MADE A PART 2, I love this game!


I love that there are quite a bit of levels to go through and the polish that this game presents. Even for a parody it's quite a great game. 

Awesome game! love it

Watch Вечірні ігри [UA / Українською] from entond on www.twitch.tv

Another cool addition would be the new Doom Eternal movements mechanics: dash, swinging from poles, climbing. (I now that's a lot of stuff, but it would be nice to play with)

I have a problem with my xbox controller on this version

the game can't reconize the gamepad. is it a bug ?

this is very cool!!! you've completely captured the doom feel and play i'm stuck on it and'll play more on my own time.

v3 is awesome. Well done team. Hooked up the gamepad and going back in for more.


I have encountered a bug with the latest patch. When I went to grab the flak cannon in a secret area, I instead got the Contra spreadshot. You might need to look into that.

Thanks a lot for reporting the bug. I already fixed it in v3.1 if you download and run this one, you'll keep your save file.

Holy "HELL" I can't believe i haven't downloaded this yet!

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Ha ha... nice one!

A Port for the psx classic would be great!


Your game is great! But are you planing on making a Mini Wolfenstien? 


Sorry I couldn't get your game to work on windows 7 nothing against you or the game your program doesn't work for windows 7 but in the meantime keep making games like this !

The game is really good!

But.... The controlls are bad, "A" for shoot and "S" to Jump. I would like move with W,A,S,D and shoot with Space or right click.


Very funny game, guys. Aesthetic is so Doom and gameplay is perfect for its purpose. I'll check your next updates!

Amazing Game I Wish I Were Better At It XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vS1is3a9lo

I did a gameplay of the game  it is awesome game , i kinda suck on platform games but this is a pretty fun game awesome game bro.

I miss MiniDoom "1" at itch ;-)

Now this was super fun. One of the best action platformers ever!!!

Here is a shrot video we made while playing:

Yes, Very cool.

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Here is my gameplay , i am new to doing this stuff but i tried  i hope it was good and the game is awesome 

What a great fan tribute, now with added Doom 2016 mechanics!

Take Duke Nukem and Doom, put it in a jar, shake it and you have a perfect game.
Thank you.


You should release it for linux!

This game is absolutely brilliant. One of the best homages to the DOOM franchise by far.

Also, I made a review in spanish about this game: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2018/04/mini-doom-2-la-secuela-merecida-de-un.ht...

best platformer for pc

Sadly that there no netplay or hotseat co-op/deathmatch

Awesome level design that we know from Doom, you´ve  created  awesome!

Just played the first level -- so far, this game is great!

Please, export for Linux too.

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Looks like it runs in Wine -- just tried it, and it seems to work very well (i.e. good framerate, responsive).  Running Wine wine-3.13 on Arch Linux on a HP Envy m6, Core i5 2.6 GHz (4 cores), 8 GB RAM

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