MiniDoom 2 launched!

The game launched yesterday finally! after almost a year of delays it's finally done. Time to play!

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miniDoom2 85 MB
Mar 09, 2018

Get MiniDoom 2 (v3.0.0)


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I have done it...I have finally done it! Whew...that was hard. Good game. Awesome game. Keep it up guys. 

The game is really fun! I'm just wondering if there is a way to unlock the frame rate and cap it at 60 FPS. The game seems to lock at 45 FPS on all of my systems (tried on both 60Hz / 144 Hz monitors). 


This game is great but the difficulty spikes in it are just insane and relatively frustrating at points.

Lo mejor que he jugado en lo que llevamos de año, de verdad, solo he probado el primer nivel, y descubiertos 5 de 8 secretos, me lo he pasado muy muy bien, gracias por el juego, mas Dooms como este por favor!