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This is just as hardAWESOMEfrustratingAMAZING as the 1st one. Hopefully I can finish this one. M

ight have to try easy mode.

WOW...just WOW...

Calavera Studio you guys/girls are some rockstars!


Really good, one of the best retro platformers on

This game was amazing. I give MiniDoom2 5 Doomguys out of 5!

Well, Hell was about as welcoming as I had expected! Round four!!

Round three. It keeps getting better with no end in sight!

Hey I recorded a quick video if you'd like to check it out! :)

Hi!! Ihave some problems with sound
It doesn't work(((;I want to get a maximum of emotions from the soundtrack and sound in general
Please, help me, if you can))) Thank you!!


hey i like this game and i would actually recommend for you to put it up for some money; its worth it!


Wow! Are you crazy to offer such a game for free? It's one of the best action retro-platformer for me. Like earlier on the Neo Geo. Thank you!


Thanks a lot!

Great game! Just wondering if the game is locked at 45 FPS by design.

Yeap, it's set at 45.

Round two and I feel bloody, beaten and bruised. How anyone manages the higher difficulties, I don't know. But damn do I love this game!

Is there a way to customize gamepad controls? Or are the button assignments locked in?

Game pad controls are locked. The customization can only be done in the keyboard =( 

thanks for the retro

Thanks for playing!

Did you add the cheat codes that "Doom" had..?!

YES! but we made special versions of them so the game is still a bit playable and not completely broken =) [IDDQD and IDKFA]

You need to make them all, it won't  break the game, they didn't break the original "Doom"....


You were right, this one feels a lot better. The dodge roll and double jump are a huge addition and it really feels like they led to some major improvements in the level design. I cant wait to play more!

Thanks a lot for the review! 

Great game Amazing soundtrack. RIP and TEAR!

Thanks a lot! And thanks for the review!

Hats off, really nice work. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 


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