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Isn't doom already a platformer? (Sometimes)

Hey. Great game! Just wanted to report a minor issue:

In the overworld after loading a save, when you press escape to show the "Quit Game" menu, the options (Cancel, Start Screen, and Exit Game) can not selected via the jump/shoot buttons. Only Enter works. This is inconsistent with the rest of the UI. 

No problems otherwise. I'm really enjoying my time with this!


He is a wonderful friend

This is beyond brilliant. 10/10 isn't enough. You created a masterpiece and I love it.


Joining the queue to beg for an android port. I'm not a coder, so I don't know what such a port would entail, but I do know I'd gladly pay for it.

amazing doom experience in Contra style, i love it !!!!!

After having my fun in this I wonder... would you ever do a miniDuke?

Duke Nukem already has several side-scrollers... '3D' was actually the third installment, and a popular naming convention at the time (many games with two 2D installments developed a third in 3D) to make a double entendre of the '3' suffix).

Yes, I know, but I mean: outside of 1, 2 and GBC, the only one that felt remotely close to 3D was Manhattan Project, and that was still 2.5D.

Hi there! I just want to thank you for the most amazing gaming experience in my life! This game is incredible, and it is now my favorite!! I have streamed this on Facebook Gaming and YouTube on multiple occasions! This has everything you want in a game! Perfect frame rate, smooth gameplay, responsive controls, the soundtrack in this game has to be the best in any indie game. I've gotten more people in my gaming group to play this game than any game in the over 2 years of rom hacks I've posted! I really hope to see more amazing content from you! maybe.. Mini Doom 3? (A guy can dream)...  0=)

Hello, thank you for this game, I cannot start on mac on m1, did you tried before.


Hi. I'm not sure if it has controller support. I tried it with a controller and I can't get it to work. If it doesn't have support, could you add it? I can only play with a controller due to some limitations. 

Hello, it does have controller support, though only for xBox controllers. The game also doesn't automatically recognize it, you have to change the input type in the options menu.

thank you.  I was trying it out on the steam deck and since it defaults to keyboard I had a very hard time trying to switch the settings over.  

Excellent version of Doom, wow thanks! The version available to download is the 3.0.0 (even in the Menu screen, it shows "v3.0"). Is it possible to get the v3.1.0 somewhere? Thanks again for sharing!

Hello, despite the name of the file. That is the final version of the game. It was an error in the naming.

This game is awesome I love the detail in the fortress of doom and in the secretes in the levels 

This reminds me of a game called Doom. Maybe check it out someday.

the game is a gem very good work I had a lot of fun, I would like them to add the ability to move through the air called DOOM ETERNAL CAREER

el juego es una joya muy buen trabajo me diverti mucho, me gustaria que agregaran la habilidad de moverse por el aire que se llama DOOM ETERNAL CARRERA

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Hey I can't seem to be able to go into the fortress of doom is that a bug and the file name is MiniDoom2 v3.0.0.exe and not MiniDoom2 v3.1.0.exe that might be the problem but no matter where I download it it's always v3.0.0

Yeah, we forgot to update the exe name, but it should the final version. What happens when you try to enter the fortress? Or do you not see it in the map?

Que preciosidad de juego,gracias

you can make minidoom2 in android? (post android ver. in gamejolt ok?)

Great stuff!

trial of might is fecking autistically impossible on nightmare. 


OH NO, I'M SORRY! It looks like this moronic piece of shit is still beatable! 

Awesome game. Huge respect to the authors !!!

This game is perfect for consoledo you have plans to release it on xbox/ps/nintendo?


Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android??

Привет ✋👋. Потрясающая игра! Вы огромные молодцы! Так держать! Так зацепила меня, что я сделал fan fake трейлер выхода вашей игры для switch, было бы здорово ! Игра этого достойна точно!! 

would you do a physical release?

I would like to compliment this game for many reasons.

Among them: I love how you reimagined classic landmarks of Doom levels, and enjoyed suddenly recognising a familiar sight.

I also really liked the level design, especially how you hide secrets.

Could you put the game in Spanish please is that I speak Spanish and when I play this great game I don't understand anything and that is why I ask this please

This game is actually pretty fun in all honesty,  I kinda wish there was a map maker for this 

Mac version is broken. Upon opening the game, an error flashes, saying that the file is corrupted and needs to  be moved to trash. Please fix this 🙏🙏🙏

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IT’S NOT! You just have to follow the README in the game folder. I feel so silly having trashed all those Gamemaker games when the fix was so simple -- not even any terminal commands — just **drag to Applications**. There are a lot of workarounds we gamers can do on our side to hitches opening Mac ports (like CHMOD to fix permissions, UPX for unpacking, right-click opening and okaying in Security for unknown devs), and if all that doesn’t work, virtualize with Parallels/Wine or boot to a Linux/Windows partition. Minidoom secrets are incredible homage to the entire genre of 2D platform history!

The Mac version seems to be broken or corrupt in some way. Gets an error message upon launch that says it should be moved to the trash can. :-(

really nice game

I love this game so much.

hello, can you make a port for ps vita, if not then could you provide files for gms i will make a port

Deleted post

Amazing Game, excellent music, gameplay and, map design. I actually would like to see this become a publicly recognised thing! 

Heres a video I did 


no shit this beats metal slug, love this game man

this is a awesome game! love it!

we need a mobile version


DOOM ETRNAL Ancient god DLC Update me

you beautiful silly genius :)

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