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Are you going to make a 3rd one

Where's the save file location?

Please add 32-bit and Windows XP support to the game. The game has a retro theme and Windows XP is the ideal platform for it. Since the game has a retro theme, Windows XP would be the ideal platform for it.

Hi guys! I have an issue - game detect my gamepad (Xbox One) - but it's not working! Also same problem with PS4 Gamepad with Xbox emulation, Minidoom see it, but gamepad is not responding. I tried to launch the game as administrator, it doesn't help. Only keyboard and mouse work. Win 11, v. 3.0.0 (there is no 3.1 version). Please help!

You could try setting your controller up with steam and run it in the background.  I've had it work hit and miss the same as you

This. Is. Amazing.

Playing on Mac with 8bitdo Lite gamepad.

A huge thank you!

Hola, sacaran una versión compatible con los procesadores MAC M1 y posteriores ???

My game has sound problems no matter what I do the sound doesn't come out I play on the laptop, is there any way to solve it?

se me bugeo tanto el audio como la música y no se escuchan ¿cómo lo soluciono?

Deleted post

This is a great game and love the idea, you should make a mini god of war. its just a suggestion

wheres mini doom 1

Hello, MiniDoom1 is only a short experimental game. Currently only hosted on Gamejolt:


Oh my god. this is amazing


Me gusto mucho el juego, es bastante divertido, tengo una pregunta, es sobre su pagina de descargas, ¿ la sección de sprites descargables ya no sirve o simplemente decidio borrar el archivo ?

Hola, que bien que te gusto el juego! Perdon, nuestra pagina fue hackeada y algunas cosas siguen mal. Aqui te paso unos links para el nuevo sitio de descarga:

Oh muchas gracias se lo agradezco, tenía curiosidad xd


I've managed to install the game onto my Steam Deck and get it running through Proton. 

My only issue is getting the game to recognize the built-in controls. If anyone can help me figure it out I'd really appreciate it. 

Hello, that's amazing! How can we help you with that? The game normally only recognizes xBox gamepads.
Also someone did this and shared it on a Doom group on facebook, maybe he can also help you.
I'll post the link here, don't know where else to find him, hope the link works.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the link. Unfortunately, it's only a screenshot and not a link to the Facebook Group you mentioned. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the game to recognize the Steam Deck controls. 

Sorry here is the link to the post:

And link to the group:

None of us have much knowledge in Linux, but If you have an account I'm sure you can contact the person who posted this.

Awesome, thanks for the links!


literally fantastic

i love you made this game

i really just wanted to play doom in a new way 

your game is amazing it works so well in 2d its mind blowing   


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Honestly, we were also surprised how well it translated to 2D haha. The roster of enemies and weapons of Doom is such a strong archetype that I bet it works translated to many other game genres too.
Glad you enjoyed the game!



We're an indie publisher mainly focused on PC games, and our main platform is the Microsoft Store. Your game MiniDoom 2 looks great!

We can help you publish it on Steam, the Microsoft Store and/or other platforms.

Please send me an email at if you're interested.

Great game. I replay it from time to time. It is the best example of indie game. I so want miniDoom 3...

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WOW, what a great game!!! Beat it on normal with all the secrets unlocked. But i think the ultra nightmare mode is bugged. First off, the decision to make the fortress of doom not accessible in that mode is kinda stupid if you ask me because there are 2 secret runes there(and a lot of weapons too but i can manage that). Secondly, the Pandemonium is kinda impossible to beat on ultra nightmare because the telegraph can't kill the fat demon(sorry i forgot the name). But overall excellent game, hope these bugs will be fixed.

Hello. Oh crap, I wasn't aware that the fortress isn't accessible in Ultra-nightmare... that mode got the least testing in the last patch. Also wasn't aware of the pandemonium issue. Thanks for reporting this, and sorry about the bugs! I'm happy that someone took the ultra-nightmare challenge, you must be a miniDoom-prodigy!

It's ok bro, the game is still really good. I managed to beat the icon of sin first try on ultra nightmare, a true test for players indeed. Good luck with your future projects!!!

This oozes that 2000s flash game energy, I love it! What framework was this built on?

Thanks, its made on Game Maker Studio

32x version ?

Have PS3, PS4 and a few generic gamepads... Xbox only? woof. 

use dshidmini to use ur dualshock3

Sorry but yeah, only generic gamepads or Xbox


Isn't doom already a platformer? (Sometimes)

You are not wrong!

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Hey. Great game! Just wanted to report a minor issue:

In the overworld after loading a save, when you press escape to show the "Quit Game" menu, the options (Cancel, Start Screen, and Exit Game) cannot be selected via the jump/shoot buttons. Only Enter works. This is inconsistent with the rest of the UI. 

No problems otherwise. I'm really enjoying my time with this!


Thanks for the feedback, yeah the UI still has some issue. It was maybe the part of the game that got made the fastest.


He is a wonderful friend

This is beyond brilliant. 10/10 isn't enough. You created a masterpiece and I love it.

Glad you enjoyed it!


Joining the queue to beg for an android port. I'm not a coder, so I don't know what such a port would entail, but I do know I'd gladly pay for it.

It was made on game maker studio, wich can export to mobile, though the audio engine (the wwise GM pluggin) does not work on mobile. So the next best thing for now is a steam deck...

amazing doom experience in Contra style, i love it !!!!!

After having my fun in this I wonder... would you ever do a miniDuke?

Duke Nukem already has several side-scrollers... '3D' was actually the third installment, and a popular naming convention at the time (many games with two 2D installments developed a third in 3D) to make a double entendre of the '3' suffix).

Yes, I know, but I mean: outside of 1, 2 and GBC, the only one that felt remotely close to 3D was Manhattan Project, and that was still 2.5D.


If we would do another "mini-game" it would probably be mini-quake haha...
But right now we are trying to make an original game. Making fan games is fun, but it doesn't pay the bills :(

Hi there! I just want to thank you for the most amazing gaming experience in my life! This game is incredible, and it is now my favorite!! I have streamed this on Facebook Gaming and YouTube on multiple occasions! This has everything you want in a game! Perfect frame rate, smooth gameplay, responsive controls, the soundtrack in this game has to be the best in any indie game. I've gotten more people in my gaming group to play this game than any game in the over 2 years of rom hacks I've posted! I really hope to see more amazing content from you! maybe.. Mini Doom 3? (A guy can dream)...  0=)

Hello friend, I’m happy to come back and find such an amazing comment! It’s humbling to know someone can place this game among their favorites, thank you so much for sharing and for the comment, I’ll pass it along to the team.

I know it's been many years since we released a full game, but we are trying to establish ourselves as developers and have a lot of work done for minidoom’s spiritual successor (sorry, no minidoom3 :C ). We hope that next year we can share more of our work so don't forget about us yet. Thanks again man, cheers.

Hello, thank you for this game, I cannot start on mac on m1, did you tried before.


Hi. I'm not sure if it has controller support. I tried it with a controller and I can't get it to work. If it doesn't have support, could you add it? I can only play with a controller due to some limitations. 

Hello, it does have controller support, though only for xBox controllers. The game also doesn't automatically recognize it, you have to change the input type in the options menu.

thank you.  I was trying it out on the steam deck and since it defaults to keyboard I had a very hard time trying to switch the settings over.  

Excellent version of Doom, wow thanks! The version available to download is the 3.0.0 (even in the Menu screen, it shows "v3.0"). Is it possible to get the v3.1.0 somewhere? Thanks again for sharing!

Hello, despite the name of the file. That is the final version of the game. It was an error in the naming.

This game is awesome I love the detail in the fortress of doom and in the secretes in the levels 

This reminds me of a game called Doom. Maybe check it out someday.

the game is a gem very good work I had a lot of fun, I would like them to add the ability to move through the air called DOOM ETERNAL CAREER

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