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Sorry I couldn't get your game to work on windows 7 nothing against you or the game your program doesn't work for windows 7 but in the meantime keep making games like this !

The game is really good!

But.... The controlls are bad, "A" for shoot and "S" to Jump. I would like move with W,A,S,D and shoot with Space or right click.


Very funny game, guys. Aesthetic is so Doom and gameplay is perfect for its purpose. I'll check your next updates!

Amazing Game I Wish I Were Better At It XD

I did a gameplay of the game  it is awesome game , i kinda suck on platform games but this is a pretty fun game awesome game bro.

I miss MiniDoom "1" at itch ;-)

Now this was super fun. One of the best action platformers ever!!!

Here is a shrot video we made while playing:

Yes, Very cool.

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Here is my gameplay , i am new to doing this stuff but i tried  i hope it was good and the game is awesome 

What a great fan tribute, now with added Doom 2016 mechanics!

Take Duke Nukem and Doom, put it in a jar, shake it and you have a perfect game.
Thank you.


You should release it for linux!

This game is absolutely brilliant. One of the best homages to the DOOM franchise by far.

Also, I made a review in spanish about this game:

best platformer for pc

Sadly that there no netplay or hotseat co-op/deathmatch

Awesome level design that we know from Doom, you´ve  created  awesome!

Just played the first level -- so far, this game is great!

Please, export for Linux too.

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Looks like it runs in Wine -- just tried it, and it seems to work very well (i.e. good framerate, responsive).  Running Wine wine-3.13 on Arch Linux on a HP Envy m6, Core i5 2.6 GHz (4 cores), 8 GB RAM

Good game.

Loved this game so much, i thought I'd spread the word on this studio's other game. Not MiniDoom 1, but Killumination. You can play the game in the link below. Keep up the good work guys. Look forward to more.

Killumination Game

The Abyss is just one boss fight after another boss fight after another boss fight. I hate everyone.

So many technical difficulties today (on my end), but I did make the spider boss look like my b***ch 3 times. For the most part.

Won't run, gives win32 error about missing directx component (win7 x86 sp1). W

My quest continues...

This series has become a quest now, a bloody hard quest.

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I'm just now looking at the screenshots on this page. How the hell do I get to the Wolfenstein, Megaman and Metroid(?) levels! Plus, there are angry looking Mario things on the overworld.  

Just completed central Processing loving the game so far here it is awesome game Guys :)

Just finished the game on Normal difficulty. Can't imagine what "Nightmare" would be like. All in all, 9/10. NEEDS. MORE. LEVELS!

I can't believe I beat this past level. This game is crazy hard but I refuse to lose.

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Ive just installed all the missing dll but when i start up the game nothing happens.

Try deleting all the data and install again.

dll's are missing again


Awesome Job on this loved the game play and the music. The boss battles are challenging and the side scrolling / plat-former take on DOOM is awesome. my play-through PT 1.

True to the original! Really nostalgic.

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Really enjoyed playing this the other day. Great stuff and had all the elements I loved about platformers. Plus, it's DOOM How can one not like Doom.

This was a very good game, I enjoyed it. Are there going to be more levels?

I have succeeded in passing two more levels. Video me. And beer me. In that order.

There is no way im just stopping with this. ;P

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