This a VERY short game I made to learn the basics of GB Studio

I've been looking for a good tool to teach game development and programming to complete beginners and GB Studio seems like the absolute perfect one.

I once made some super tiny pixelart inspired by DOOM and thought I should keep the inspiration and try with the similarly tiny and color-limited style of the Game Boy.


I'm adding all my source files  so can make your own version. You can also download just the sprites I made in case you want to use them for some other thing!


If you want to play a bit more of a "serious" parody, you might want to try our other Doom game... MiniDoom 2!!

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorsCalavera Studio, JC Porcel
Made withGB Studio
Tags8-Bit, Doom, Game Boy, gbstudio, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 456 kB


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add a button to run pleas


thank you for making the project files available. I have been trying to figure out how to do enemy movement and it helped a lot.

god :)))))))))) xd

I find the idea interesting and the execution is incredible even if it is simply an experiment.

Good game. No music and sounds, except for short music when you die and win. But it's a very small and short game so it doesn't matter. For quick gameplay 9,5/10.

Damn, good job. When I saw the bunny I KNEW it was gonna be Daisy.

Good Jorb!

i like it, heh

very well thank you and keep it up!

dude this is sick, nice job


for a few minutes of game its fun. Nice

está chingón bro, me gustaría usar tu script en mi proyecto de GB Studio se llama Porkérion 

¿ocupas que te ponga en los creditos? por mi no hay problema saludos!!

Me gusto tanto este juego/demo que hace unos días convertí el sprite del marine del Doom RPG (J2ME) por si lo quieren usar en el futuro <3


Se ve genial


Not too shabby :) The pixel art is really on point. The blend between game boy era adventure games and doom works quite well. It's obviously rough around the edges game play wise, but it's definitely something to work with as a base template for future projects.


Thanks! GB-Studio is a fantastic tool for this kind of games, the latest version is still in beta so when it's all done I might revisit this project!

I like it! Looking forward to how you can apply the skills you picked up making this.


That was actually really good for what it is. Even died a couple times lol. 

Thanks! I'm glad you had 35 seconds of fun! haha

Fantastic. I enjoyed playing. Good luck with the teaching.

Thanks a lot!

Decided to give it a try regardless of the format - was pretty believable and fairly enjoyable for what it is. Color me impressed. Best wishes to you and your future studies of the GB architecture.

Thanks a lot! As soon as GB Studio comes out of beta I will revisit this project.